Specialist in movement for dance, theatre, fashion, opera,
film, tv broadcast, music and producing live shows for
events, national and International touring​

His love for dance has seen him expand to creating
and producing theatrical productions, films and

Born in Soweto, October 16 of 1973, Gregory Vuyani Maqoma became interested in dance in
the late 1980s as a means to escape the political tensions growing in his place of birth.

Up Coming Show

Zo! Mute

Johannesburg: Joburg Theatre

9 – 10 February 2023


I lead a team of multi-
disciplinary thinkers

My role often requires undivided attention to detail, absorbing everything around me as inspiration. It is often the most bizarre and surprising elements that pull the mickey out of me. I become a child, completely absorbed. My team and I weave  a story that represents you and your brand—coupled with my witty nature— to bring about an experience that is fresh and original. Instinct and gut always play a role. But more importantly, I am not afraid to experiment with ideas, to take calculated risks and push boundaries. The results are usually staggering, emotional and uplifting.


I offer creative muscle and
decades of experience

Brands, marketing teams and event companies often need new ideas and inspiration from outside. I carry with me twenty-eight years of creative work with over fifty choreographed events. Each one has required its own identity, flair and design. Let my team and I work with you to unleash the creative elements that can assist your pitch to be unique and irresistible.


I draw from an extensive
ecosystem of references

The staged productions I create often come with various design elements. Connecting the dots by highlighting them as standalone elements is something I do-the idea of widening the scope and to access the elements, inspired by the movement logo. Think music, stoneware crockery, my active ware , films inspired by the movement.

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